You should probably clean your room

And other stupid things I don’t need to hear

Emmanuel Lomax
Oct 18, 2023
By Matt Bero on Unsplash

I have structure in my life,
Don’t believe me?
Aren’t I still housed and jobbed?

I have structure in my life
Because I need it —
Because it serves.

But my room —
That I refuse to structure,
I don’t mind decorations
And shingles and shangles
Toys and gadgets
Furniture of the sized and the small,
But I’ll be damned if it were structured.

If my mornings are dictated by an alarm
My nights by the curfew needed to perform at work,
Afternoons by the fueling to go on
Evenings for the journey I must take,
Then why…

In my one place of solitude
My final cove,
My room of all rooms
For which no man nor god can hold me accountable,
Should I live ordered
like the rest of my life…
is ordered.



Emmanuel Lomax

Amateur writer with a love for discussion and languages. Currently learning and bettering myself. Slowly.