Woolworths, Coles, and My Trip to Florida

Unchecked corporate greed leads to shoplifting

Emmanuel Lomax


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I took a trip to Florida recently. I was there for 10 days, so between a lull in activities I decided to drop in on a timeshare pitch.

I say drop in, as if I gate crashed it and told them all to stuff it. Instead I had an appointment and everything, though I was thinking of telling them to stuff it the whole time. What can I say? The gift was enticing and lord knows I’ve been in more pointless and dithering meetings at workplaces over the years.

Skip to the end and I’ve gotten through the experience, with my sanity barely intact. There’s sales and then there’s the outright lying these timeshare hosts have subjected me to. I look to my right whilst my host goes to ‘calculate’ the best deal he can offer me, only to hear the man in a couple deny the offer only for his host to turn to the woman and say ‘guess he’s not as well off as he says he is’.

My host comes back, and he works out I can pay something in the range of $15,000 deposit right now, I resist the urge to laugh in his face, though I’m pretty sure the massive grin on my face says it all.

I politely decline, and he asks me what kind of deposit would change my, I lowball him to an amount I think he’ll dismiss since clearly $15,000 must be based on something right? Wrong.

After 3 or 4 minutes, he comes back with a new contract, $15,000 dropped down to $3000. I realized these fuckers had no guidelines — no limit, they were just trying their best to fleece as much as humanly possible.

The same goes for Coles/Woolworths, supermarkets in Australia that were recently called out for their exorbitant prices, so much so that one day after the backlash they received, they reduced the prices on hundreds of products in their stores. One day, and they didn’t bat an eye.

Why is it we’re hearing about record amounts being shoplifted and record amounts of corporate profit (by the way Woolworths/Coles reported $ 1 billion AUD in profits) in the same scenario? Is it possible in a time of rising costs and international pressures companies are fleecing us so much that stealing is the only option for some people?

Fuck a timeshare, it’s time these corporations learn how to share the burden they themselves place on society.



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