Time Miosis

Contraction of Burger Time

Emmanuel Lomax
2 min readSep 20, 2023
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Time seems to go faster the older you get. After all, one year when you’ve only lived 10 is a lot more time, than one year after you’ve lived thirty.

However, I seem to be lost in moments, events I look back on turn out to have taken place at a later date than I remembered. I’ve had to turn off any throwback functions my picture app shows me because I shouldn’t remember events that took place a year ago like it was yesterday.

The most recent example of this was me texting a Bob’s Burger fan. I who had just recently gotten into the series decided to get their opinion on the movie since it had just come out.

They said it was very good, so I went to type in the movie in google to see when the next showing was. 2022. This movie had already been out for a whole year, I remember there being adverts and postings on reddit literally just last week, and before I knew it a whole year had gone by.

No wonder I’ve been chasing highs and fighting to change the structures of my days.

If all my days fade into one, and I can’t remember one date from the other, any memorable or worthwhile events I have from this point on has a high chance of blurring into each other.

A contraction of time,
a mitosis into miosis
and forgetting of it all.



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