The Immortal and The Time Traveler

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Emmanuel Lomax
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‘The Doctor’ dropped the book. It seemed this incarnation of his would have fewer adventures than he was used to, not that he minded.

As with all things — ‘The Doctor’ had come to realise, that even given infinite futures by traveling infinite worlds, he would never get what he wished for, ‘truly’, everything only ever came ‘close’.

The book he was reading was no such exception. It was about two individuals that harbored a part of himself. This wasn’t to say one of his old companies, enemies, or lovers had been so kind as to turn his story into a sizeable novel of some acclaim, but that the characters themselves were ‘a time traveler’ and an ‘immortal’.

After having finished this book, he was left both satisfied with the conclusion and a little jealous. He was satisfied because the story had ended on a happy note, a hope he knew was impossible for him due to his many enemies in this time, and the time to come.

He was jealous because they had found each other, whereas he was destined to be alone, at least for this incarnation. Even if it was a self-insult he had to admit that in this life he was too dour, too quiet and too weary to seek out a companion.

‘The Doctor’ stepped out of the Tardis, he smirked, his own little ‘Cove-in-Hove’. Maybe this incarnation was a little less dour than he thought.

Read a Tumblr post a while back about how cool it would be if there was a story of a time traveler and an immortal, they threw in some ideas and it seemed really interesting so I tried to write it. I failed, and that draft remains amongst the graveyard of my drafted stories.

Just a little while ago though I saw a story on here about an Immortal and TimeTraveler, and I won’t lie to you I felt a bit jealous, because they managed, if even in only in a small way, to tell that story.

On a positive note, it did remind me of ‘The Doctor’ from ‘Doctor Who’, whose powers are the combination of immortality and time traveling. Since it’s a fanfic I did not paywall it, hopefully, another DW fan comes across this and likes it.



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