Six Figures is not a lot of money

From a guy who definitely does not earn six figures

Emmanuel Lomax
2 min readSep 22


By Josh Appel on Unsplash

There is a British man being clowned on the internet for not knowing that earning £80,000 puts him in the top 5% of the country’s earners. To be fair, he was belligerent and outlandish in the way he (verbally) attacked one of the hosts, and that is part of why he is getting clowned. Honestly though, he may have a point.

Six figures in pre-2008 and post-Covid are completely different figures. The price of everything has gone up whilst the quality has simultaneously fallen, and this goes for all of us, even those at the higher end.

It’s really easy to see someone post on the internet how they’re earning £100,000+ and still struggling and think the same thing the global elite and corporate overlords tell us poorer folk. ‘Well just learn how to budget, you’re earning more than enough for your lifestyle’.

Avocado on toast and a Starbucks coffee, Netflix, and a Hulu Subscription, these things we could probably do without, but getting rid of them won’t improve our financial situation much, and god knows they keep us sane in this mad world of ours.

However, why is it we cannot allow that same compassion outward? Is a higher earner really a villain for asking why the government can’t make it easier or provide for those whose kids are going to private school?

How can one read reports of public school buildings literally falling apart in Britain and not reel in horror whilst doing whatever they can to get their own children into a private school? Who wouldn’t do whatever they could to give their children a brighter future? Even if that meant debt of the highest order.

Our enemies have never been the ten-percenters or even the five-percenters. It’s always been the 1%, it’s them that are pulling the strings and tanking the economy. It’s them that are responsible for the 08' crash, it’s them who profited. It’s them who are responsible for the higher prices we’re facing with all their price hikes right now, and it’s them who are profiting in record amounts.

How much stronger, would our efforts at fighting them be, if we also included those with more money, more connections, and more influence?



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