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Emmanuel Lomax
2 min readFeb 1, 2022


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Each of our five senses holds the key to strong memories. In terms of sense of touch, every time I touch something hot — I immediately recall scalding my finger and getting a heat blister in woodworking class in high school.

In terms of taste, there is a scene from Ratatouille; wherein one taste of Remy’s dish transports the food critic back to his childhood, as if tasting his mother’s cooking once again:

In terms of hearing; music is the key to my strongest memories. A couple of years ago I deeply embedded a novel into my mind by repeatedly playing Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ whilst reading it. Now every time I hear the song I remember various exciting or depressing scenes from that book.

I’ve tried to do something similar to each book I read however, either the song gets repetitive and boring faster than I can finish the book, or the song fails to keep up with the atmosphere of the book and I’m forced to give up. I’ve succeeded only three times in this process, but I read a hell of a lot of books so that much should tell you how hard it is to force this process.

One other song that both I and my family share a strong memory of is Usher’s ‘U Remind Me’. The story is pretty simple, there was a party at our house and Usher’s song came on.

Me being only maybe 4 or 5 years old, I think it’d be super funny to sing the song really badly. The only problem was; A: It really wasn’t that funny, and B: someone had a camcorder on and the videotape still exists. Now every time ‘U Remind Me’ comes on, my family will look at me and smirk, or mock sing the song badly. Super annoying.



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