Let Us Eat Cake

Imperialist Self

Emmanuel Lomax
Sep 13, 2023
Image by Deva Williamson on Unsplash

Conquest is the shadow of man.
For even when man has chosen to redeem himself —
To move past base desire,
Sins and hate.
They do so by conquer…

Has history taught us nothing?
That one cannot achieve an eternal empire based on imperialism.
That subjugation — if even only subjugation of the self,
Only leads to rebellion.

Is it only when the walls of the republic rise,
Will we learn to love our ourselves into changing?
Else face the shattered remains of whatever goals we wished…
Whether vision or diet —
Only to find ourselves saying…
Let us eat cake.



Emmanuel Lomax

Amateur writer with a love for discussion and languages. Currently learning and bettering myself. Slowly.