First They Came

And still they come, till all is gone


By Anne Nygård on Unsplash

First they came for the lower class
But the middle did not listen
For they worked too hard
to get where they are
to help their lessors.

Then they came for the middle-class
And it was too late to team up
The distrust had spread too deep.

Then they came for the high-earners
The less-than-billionaires
Since for the overlords to keep their wealth
Those straggled few at the bottom weren’t enough.

And when all was done
They escaped to the stars
Leaving a hollow shell of a world
A burning chasm where an earth used to be,
And only then did those who were left behind realise
Concept alone isn’t worth dying over.



Emmanuel Lomax

Amateur writer with a love for discussion and languages. Currently learning and bettering myself. Slowly.