Summertime fun


By Harley-Davidson on Unsplash

Broski on a drowski
Let’s head to the beach
It’s summer vacation
Let’s hit it highkey

There’s salt in the water
And sand in my eyes
Bring Sarah and P.Dogg
Let’s hit that sunrise

Browski on a drowkski
Three beers and a pong
Let’s bring a lame driver
And drink till it’s gone

There’s time to go silly
It’s seven o’clock
So bring some protection
To bury that…

Broski on a drowski
Let’s leave it behind
Return to the real world
One step at a time

Our summer vacation
It’s dead and it’s gone
Next summer is waiting
So let’s ride on home.



Emmanuel Lomax

Amateur writer with a love for discussion and languages. Currently learning and bettering myself. Slowly.