Ain’t no Love

Emmanuel Lomax
1 min readSep 17, 2023

Like Christian…

By Samuel McGarrigle on Unsplash

Ain’t no love like Christian hate
To keep a Christian late
About Christian fates.

Ain’t no love like Christian hate,
To keep a sinful wine
Upon a Christian pate.

For if all that it took
Was to consider it woke
To follow the words of Christ himself.

What use for Christian blokes?
I’d rather they change
Into atheist folks.

I was raised Catholic, so I always take a little umbrage at any mockery of Christianity, but I leave it at that usually since I don’t follow it too closely nowadays.

However, it does irk to read stories of how some ‘Christians’ are shunning some of Jesus’ words as being ‘too woke’ or ‘too soft’. There are already too many people who twist the rare words of wisdom into misshapen things, and to then go the next step to call it ‘too soft’ is just crazy to me.



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