Here’s a list of my collection of Articles.

My Current 5 Favourite Pieces

1. History Lies

No history book is large enough
to hold entire lives,
not to mention
an entire period.

2. Interview With A Zombie

Short Story

Let me in will you?

Zombies banging on door
By Nathan Wright on Unsplash

The End of the World and I

I don’t remember what the last pandemic was called, which is a shame since that’s the reason I decided to become a virologist. Something about a beer company, I think.

Due to the death grip, world-ending pandemics have had on my life, my obsession led to me being the first…

Likes Ashes on the tongue

Alps Mountain
By Kristina Schmid on Unsplash

Hawaiin snow is a jet black snow
That comes with a sugary burn
The snowmen you make
Cast ghastly looks they
And language is stolen away.

The missionaries came and broke our words
But left us with the print
So we told our epics with their sugar paper
Preserving our history…

What is that, and why does it matter?

Person holding firecracker while submerged in water
By Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

Three Types of Activities

There are only three types of activities in this world. Things we ‘Should’ do, things we ‘Would’ do, and things we ‘Could’ do.

Not doing the things we ‘Should’ do can endanger our health and life. Not doing the things we ‘Would’ do — the things we are drawn to…

Emmanuel Lomax

Amateur writer with a love for discussion and languages. Currently learning and bettering myself. Slowly.

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